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No Obligation

No Autoship

No Minimum

No Obligation

Young Living has a simple member’s structure. When you signup you on our program, you are also entering the wholesale membership of our club. Think it as of how Costco works, where you pay a yearly fee and this grant you access to all of their product at the wholesale prices.

Similarly, purchasing the premium Start Kit of Young Living will get you ready to use our basic oils for yourself, your loved ones, and family. Once your signup and buy our kit, you don’t need to pay for anything again for the same year. Ever!

However, at Young Living, we don’t assume that you will stop purchasing our oils. The more you use our products, the higher are the chances of you inclining to our other product range.

No Autoship

To the majority, Autoship means that you sign up for a program that ships you their product at the end or the start of each month, whether you want it or not. This business model doesn’t make sense, and this is why we gave a new meaning to the word.

Young Living binds Autoship with its optional Essential Rewards Program, where users can get free products and enjoy discounted shipping. With Essential Rewards, you can also change your order every month, so you only receive what you wanted.

No Monthly Minimum

Partnering with Young Living, there is no minimum order requirement that you must meet each month. Subscription to membership gets complicated if you need to make a minimum purchase each month, and this is why Young Living has abandoned the minimum monthly order requirement.