How Do You Progress Along with Our Levels?

Create a Foundation

If you are all set to achieve your dream of independence and security, our generous compensation plan will help you get them. Young Living cares about its community and family and their wellness. Through a three-level approach, we have come forward with an efficient structure to help you build your business with compensation that rewards your effort as you grow.

Build your Business

Once you have experienced tremendous growth and achieve the benefits of your own business, you are ready to share that experience with others.  While staying within your core principles, the business can prosper further by adding others to your team and timely executing successful strategies

Becoming a Leader

With an established venture and the passion for inspiring wellness via Young Living and our products, you are always more than ready to take our mission worldwide and lead the path of healthy living to others.

Once you’ve seen the benefits of being your own business, you’re ready to share that experience with others. Build on your foundation by adding others to your team to achieve shared success.

With an established business and a passion for inspiring wellness through Young Living, you’re ready to take the mission worldwide as you lead others to success.