Meet Jennifer Gregory


Hello! And Welcome! I am Jennifer Gregory, wife, mom of 4, grandmother to 11 wonderful children, entrepreneur and wellness educator. I am thrilled to finally be fulfilling my dream of helping others with their wellness goals and living financially free. I am always on a journey, learning, living, and loving! My desire is to intentionally inspire a lifestyle of health, wellness, and abundance for you.

When a friend introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils, I was a bit skeptical (to say the least.) I had used many essential oils without seeing results. But when I had a health crisis in 2014, I was ready to try anything to keep from having to swallow pills.

I had already ordered my oils when I sat down at the computer and began reading. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to researching. So, that is just what I did. Researching, and searching, and searching. Oh, my! There is soooo much info out there, and not all, or much of it, is true. Imagine that? But I needed to not only trust the essential oils, but the company that grows the plants and controls the process from seed to seal. I was surprised to discover that most companies that sell essential oils are just bottlers. They have no control over the production of the crop, nor the oils themselves. Young Living is the only company I found that owns the farms and the process from beginning to end. That is the basis for their Seed-To-Seal promise.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils is known as the father of modern-day distillation. They have been in business 25 years, own their own farms and every step of the process from hand selecting seeds to growing without pesticides to bottling. I love that! And I have visited one of the farms four times and seen for myself exactly what others have told me, hand weeding going on, no pesticides. Period. I love that we can visit any of the farms, and there are at this moment 15 globally because the plants harvested for the oils are grown where they grow best. Essential Oils are very powerful little molecules when they are distilled from healthy plants, and at the right temperatures, pressure, and time.

I have eleven grandchildren and they mean the world to me, so I wouldn’t risk using these powerful essential oils on or around them if I didn’t completely trust them. But I do, and they love them as much as I do. I use them myself every single day, I clean everything in my home with Thieves Household Cleaner, a natural plant-based household cleaner infused with essential oils. I brush my teeth with EO infused toothpaste, swallow supplements infused with EOs, use shampoo and conditioner infused with EOs. I even wash my clothes with laundry soap infused with EOs. In case you haven’t noticed by now, I am in love with Young Living products.

Remember the health crisis I was experiencing when I got my oils? Well, within a month of having my oils, it was gone, and has never returned. I am beyond grateful! We have seen so many wonderful, life-changing results and cannot imagine our lives without them! That is just the beginning of my story, we all have one, we all need to support our health and wellness, and we all NEED Young Living Essential Oils. I truly believe that. Contact me and let’s chat about your story and let me help you figure out how YL EOs can help you.

I am part of a community of Young Living Essential Oil members, we jokingly call ourselves “oilers,” because it tends to be a lifestyle. We love to help others on their wellness journeys, from emotional to physical health. If you order with my member number, 1724063, you will automatically qualify to be a member of our “oily” family if you would like! Send me an email, or if you’re on Facebook, send me a friend request, and let’s chat about your story and let me help you figure out how YL EOs can help you. It is what I am passionate about! Inspiring a lifestyle of health, wellness, and abundance, join me, won’t you?