Congratulations – You have taken the first step to a more healthy life

Now a little bit about your membership and what you can expect.

No Obligation

Young Living is structured so that when you sign up, you are signing up to become a wholesale member of a club. Think of how Costco works, you pay a yearly fee and that grants you access to wholesale prices. When you signup with Young Living you will typically purchase a Premium Starter Kit for around $150 so you can start using the basic oils for yourself and your family. Once you get signed up and purchase your starter kit, you do not ever have to purchase anything again. Ever.

We really don’t think that will be the case because the more you learn about your oils, the more you will want to try new oils and reap the benefits of the wide range of Young Living Oils. The only fine print is that you must purchase $50pv worth of merchandise (roughly $50) per YEAR in order to keep you account active, but if you do not do that in a 12 month period, simply call Young Living and ask for your account to be reinstated so you can make a purchase.

No Obligation really means No Obligation!

No Autoship

To most people, autoship means that you signup for a product or multiple products to be shipped to your home each month, whether you need them or not. This approach makes no sense, which is why Young Living doesn’t do this.

You can choose to enroll in Essential Rewards, Young Living’s version of autoship, if you are interested in earning free products and discounted shipping. With Essential Rewards you can change your order each month so you receive only what you need from month to month.

Essential Rewards is not required, but there are many benefits to using this Young Living service!

No Monthly Minimum

With Young Living, there are no minimum order quantities that you must meet each month. Things get a bit more complicated when you get into the business building side of Young Living, but just to use the oils, you have no minimum monthly orders that are due.

Remember, in order to stay active with Young Living, you do need to spend $50pv throughout each year.